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Adopt a Family for the Holidays program was founded in 2012  thru the BikerDown Foundation.  2 motorcycle families suffered accidents leaving both families without a father.  BikerDown knew these families were alone and would need assistance to make sure the children had Christmas under the tree.

The outpour from the biker community was amazing, and while we could never change the fact that daddy wasn't there, we could let the family know they weren't alone.

BikerDown took that vision in 2013 and reached out further in the Denver community and with their help we helped 15 families,  Last year Adopt A Family helped approximately 75 families.  Each family in our Adopt a Family program receive the following:

  •  $250 dollar gift card
  •  Full Christmas dinner they could take home to make.  
  •  Dinner with Santa Claus and photos to take home​  Since then we have doubled the number of families each year.

Our vision is 2018 is to take this assistance to an elevated level helping at least 100 families by reaching out to the business community and having more events.  

We have chosen the following charities to help us get families that are pre-screened, and working a program to better themselves.   The charities we have chosen are: