1. When do you start accepting applications from families for this program? 

      Registration will open for our  families on Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 9:30 am MST.

2. Who qualifies for the Adopt-A-Family Program? 

      The following families are eligible based on financial need:

      *  All families must have a biological or step-child under18 years of age living at home.
      *  All families will be placed on a priority placement list. Families who have not participated in the  

          Adopt-A-Family Program in the past and those with the greatest need will have priority.

3. How do I apply? 

     Go to our Adoption page and fill out the form online and attach photos of your family or download the Adoption form and mail or email it to us at  If you fax the application, the photos of your family will not be adequate for our program.   If you have any questions, please call us at 303-641-7937

4. What documents are required for registration?

We do not require any particular documents to be considered, but we must have a completed form filled out and you must attend the events that are required to be disbursed assistance

5. Am I guaranteed to be adopted once my application is approved?

Submitting an application does not guarantee participation or adoption in the program. Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and prioritized based on the level of need, with new families and those with the greatest need being priority one.

6. How will I know if I am adopted?

Once your application is approved and you are chosen to be adopted by one of our Adopt a Family sponsors, you will receive an email from  Everyone who is approved for adoption will be contacted December 5th.  Due to the volume of emails that we will be receiving, we will not be able to respond to repeated emails asking about the status of an application.

7. How will I know if I am not adopted?

Adopt a Family for the Holidays strives very hard to get all qualified and approved families adopted for the holidays. In the event we are unable to locate an donor/sponsor for your family, we will notify you by email on December 5, 2018.

8. If I have received gifts from the Adopt-A-Family Program in the past, can I still register?

Yes, you may register for the Adopt-A-Family program but priority will be given to families who have not registered or received gifts in the past.

9. Will the sponsor provide enough toys and food to meet all of my holiday needs

Each family adopted in our program receive a $250.00 Walmart gift card and a gift box of food to have your holiday meal in your own home.  This program is not meant to provide for your family's entire holiday support, but to serve as a token of appreciation from the community. The gift card is meant to assist with your holiday gifts and the box meal should provide you everything for your meal.

10. When will you start matching families with families with  sponsor/donors

Registration opens October 15th, and we will begin our fundraising campaign soon there after.  Due to the level of demand for this program, Adopt a Family will not be able to follow up on incomplete applications and paperwork, so please ensure you complete the application in its entirety and upload all necessary supporting documentation, as required. You must upload required photos. We will not accept faxed copies or emails of the documents.

11. We are going out of the area to be with our family for the holidays, can we still apply

Yes, but failure to attend our Dinner with Santa event where families will all receive their gift cards and meals to take home will VOID your participation and your sponsors funds will be given to a family on our waiting list.

12.  My nieces/nephews or grandchildren are living with us right now. Are they eligible to participate? 

yes, but the Walmart gift card amount stays the same no matter how many children/grandchildren are living in your residence.

13.  My 19-year-old child lives at home while going to college. Do they qualify to participate? 

No. This program is designed for minor children age 18 and under only.

14.  Do I have to have children to participate in the program? 

Yes, only families with dependent children (at the time of application submission) will be able to participate in the program.

15.  You ask on the application to "explain in detail why you are in need of holiday assistance through the Adopt-A-Family program," how much information do I need to say? 

Please include all information to give us a better understanding of why you need the assistance. Simply stating, "I want to participate" or "to get gifts" is not acceptable. Priority is given to families in greatest need, as determined solely by the Adopt a Family steering committee and your narrative in this section helps us to further assess need.

16.  Do you give the sponsor/donor my application with all my information? 

No, donors/sponsors are only able to view a limited amount of information and are not given your personal details.

20. How will I be notified if you have matched me with a sponsor? 

We will email you to let you know that you have been adopted and then you will be given the date/time of the Dinner with Santa, the location . It is then you and your sponsor's responsibility to communicate regarding the program.

21. Am I allowed to tell the sponsor that I don't want the gifts wrapped? 

Yes, please discuss this with the sponsor if you have a preference.

22. Do I have to invite the sponsor to my home? 

No, many sponsors will be out of the local area and even out of state and need to mail the items to you. If you are matched with a sponsor in your local area, we discourage meeting at your home and suggest meeting at a public place. 

23. My sponsor is a company and they have requested I come to an event. Do I have to attend? 

No. In many cases, the sponsoring company may not be local to you. If they are and you wish to attend a company event, we would encourage it, but it is not required. If you are uncomfortable or have concerns about attending an event, please contact Soldiers' Angels and we will help facilitate those discussions for you with the sponsoring company.

24. My sponsor has asked me for a list of items for my children, do I have to give them a list? 

If your application was not very thorough in regards to your children's gift requests, the Sponsor may request a better list. If requested by the Sponsor, please give them a list of items so they may choose what is within their budget and abilities. Please do not put anything on your list that exceeds $50 per child such as computers, iPads, bicycles, or other expensive items or send them links to gift registries. The gift requests should range between $35 and $50 per child. The purpose of the Adopt-A-Family program is to provide your child(ren) with small tokens of appreciation. It is not meant to provide everything on your child’s wish list. Please be mindful of this as the Angels or sponsors are participating in the program to help you this holiday season.

25. My children can really use clothing instead of toys; can I ask the sponsor for those items instead? 

Yes, you may include any items on the list that would benefit your children for the holiday. If you ask for clothing, please indicate sizes.

26. My children are really picky; can I ask the sponsors for gift cards only? 

No, please do not ask a sponsor for gift cards for gifts for the children. Sponsors are instructed not to send gift cards to the children. If gift cards are requested, your application will be denied.

27. Is the sponsor going to give the adults gifts as well? 

No. The sponsor is not obligated to give the service member and/or spouse a gift.

28. I am having difficulties communicating with my sponsor, what do I do? 

Please contact Soldiers' Angels at and someone will get back with you to discuss and help facilitate the communication or assign you to another Sponsor.

29. We want to send our sponsor a thank you letter but we do not have their address, what do we do? 

You can ask your Sponsor for their mailing address so you can send them a thank you letter or note. If the Sponsor does not wish to provide you their contact information, you can always send us the letter and we will forward to the sponsor. Please indicate their name on the letter and address to c/o Soldiers' Angels, 2700 NE Loop 410, Suite 310, San Antonio, TX 78217.


Adopt-A-Family Tips

Once your application is submitted, you will receive a call from an Adopt-A-Family Team member to review your application and required documents.
Please ensure you have an accessible e-mail address and contact phone number. Any missed communication may result in your family being dropped from the program.
If you need to update your profile, please do so via email to DO NOT make any changes to your profile through the Database.

Thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifices your family makes for our freedom.

Our warmest wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season!Type your paragraph here.