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Laurie Montoya

President and Founder of BikerDown Foundation, volunteer and entrepreneur.

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Adopt-A-Family Colorado Adopts over 50 families for the Holidays

BikerDown Foundation is in our 8th year of Adopting Families for the Holidays program.  The program started with the desire to help 2 families that had suffered a tragic loss due to a motorcycle fatality.  While we knew we couldn’t replace the loss they were feeling, we could ensure that the family wasn’t alone and that the children had Christmas under the tree.


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Hunger isn't season and our community is struggling everyday to make ends meet.  Our program works to ensure that children have Christmas under the tree and get to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

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to families in need 


children still know they are loved

For over 9 years, Adopt a Family for the Holidays has devoted its energy to ensuring that families and children don't go without during the Christmas holidays.  Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. .

Scott O'Sullivan

Scott is managing partner of the O'Sullivan Law firm and

Shannon "Dazzlin" Venturo

Mgr Director of Marketing Full Throttle Law. President of Bling Devas, MC

Andrew Campo

Owner and publisher of Meta Magazine, volunteer and entrepreneur

Each year, we list the families that have been chose for our Adopt-A-Family for the Holidays program.  Take a moment to Meet the families and make your donation TODAY..

Adopt a Family for the Holidays is on the front line meeting these families and finding out what they need to get them thru the Christmas Holidays.  Children shouldn't be burdened with the stresses of our economy, they are innocent victims.  Our goal is to keep their hopes and wishes a REALITY.

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